Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Look

Today I am going to create a christmas look. Here we go...

Things I used to create this look

1) MAC gold pigment

2)MAC Prismique Lustre (gold, very light brown, dark brown)

3) 28 piece eyeshadow neutral palette...You can replace this by MAC Vanilla

4) Black eyeliner pencil

5) Balck maskara

6) Brushes

How to create this look

1) Apply gold eyeshadow over your eyelid and the crease.

2) Dap the gold pigment over your eyelid. Do not apply it on the crease. Dap it slowly to reduce the pigment falling.

3) Apply light brown color on the crease.

4) Take the dark brown color and apply it to the corner of your eyelid in a V shape. Blend it well with the gold color.

5) Apply gold eye shadow under your eye.
6) Apply the highlight color under your eyebrows.

7) Apply black eyeliner on the crease line and under eye.

8) Apply maskara to finish the look.

Good luck !

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