Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Spend Wisely for Your Wedding on a Budget

Wedding is the dream function of every person’s life. Some wants their wedding to be exceptionally perfect, and others want their wedding to be simple yet elegant. Some wants to do their wedding better than their closest friends or relatives, and others want it to be just like they always wanted. Some have enough money to do whatever they want and for others it is not the case. No matter what category you fit in, at the end of the day, you just want your wedding to be romantic and magical.
Whether you can spend enough money or not, it’s always good to save some of it if can. Here are some great advices to people who organize a wedding on a budget or for those who want to save really good money while organizing their wedding. It’s not a piece of cake to save money or spend less, but why not try? You were not afraid to be in love? Why now? Let’s start.

· Plan a good date for the wedding.

· Have a clear idea on the amount of money you can actually spend for your wedding. (Trust me, getting loans is not a good idea as you’ll have to pay it back someday)

· Decide a place where you want to get your wedding. For people who are on a tight budget, why not your back yard or at home or your garden?

· If you want to have your wedding in a reception hall, you must go to few receptions halls to get a good idea about their prices and then decide the perfect place for your wedding. NOTE: Some reception halls have packages which includes many things for free. You must ask the manager what is included before you move further.

· This is the good time to think about a theme for your wedding. It can be hearts, butterflies, wonderland, castle or anything nice you can think of. You may want to write down few of your favourite themes and discuss about it with your lover. Of cause it is fine to combine two themes together.

· Invitation cards are the first thing your guests will see; therefore you may need it to be extra special. Have you ever think about creating your wedding invitation by yourself? It’s a great way to cut off your wedding expenses. Buying wedding invitations can be a real pain in the neck. There are so many tutorials in about how to create wedding invitations. Why not trying? Your wedding invitation will be one of a kind and have you thought about all the great compliments you’ll get in your wedding?

· Wedding dresses can be really expensive, but it is something you should plan to spend a little bit more on. However, you can buy a plain dress for a less price and accessorize by yourself.

· Many brides wear simple jewelleries as they want to show their beauty. You don’t always have to wear expensive jewellery. You can buy stunning fake jewellery set from a fancy jewellery store. It will look as good as the real one. Another option is to borrow from your mom’s pearls. It may be old, but pearls are pearls.

· Good decorations make any place beautiful. You may like to have real flowers in your wedding, but don’t forget that there are many other less expensive options instead of real flowers. For example, candles can make an evening wedding absolutely romantic. You can also try having plastic flowers instead of real ones. They look same as real flowers, so what’s the big difference. Note: photos do not capture smell of flowers, but how it looks. You can even ask your closest friends to help you out to create your centerpieces at home and deliver it to the reception hall.

· Wedding cake is another item you really want to have in your wedding. Why not search for a great wedding cake recipe and do it at home? I know it’s not easy, but there is nothing impossible to do in this world. If that person in YouTube can make that stunning cake, why not you? Another great option is to have cupcakes as the wedding cake. You will save lot of money making the wedding cake at home.

If you know any other ideas about saving money while wedding planning, let us know.

Good luck! Have a wonderful wedding!

Amanda F

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