Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Light Blue Smokey Eyes

Sorry I couldn't do anything yesterday. I was feeling little sick. Here is the look I am going to do today.

The things you need to create this look.

1) Mac C.R.E.A.M eye shadow palette ( dark blue, light blue & black)

2) Mac light silver color ( Ofcause you can use any other silver color as high light color). This silver looks like another color in the picture. It is because of a lighting problem in my room. Sorry ;)

3) Balck eyeliner pencil

4) Maskara

5) Clean eyeshadow brush

How to create this look

1) Apply light blue eye shadow all over your eye lid. Make sure it is even.

2) Apply dark blue eye shadow on the crease and on 1/4 of your eye lid from the crease. Make sure that the dark blue color is not a harsh line.

3)Apply silver under your eyebrows as a high light color. I know I keep repeating this all the time, but you must make sure it is even.

4) Take your black eye shadow and draw a V on the corner of your eye lid and blend it with the light blue.

5) Apply the same light blue color under your eyes.

6) Apply balck eye lner pencil on the lash line and under your eye. For the lash line you can also use a liquid eyeliner.

7) To finish the look, apply black maskara.

Good luck !

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