Monday, September 21, 2009

Nail art (1)

This is a nail art design I did few weeks ago.

You need...

Nail polish: base
Dark green nail polish

A clear nail polish with silver dust

Nail polish: top coat

1) you have to cut your nails straight and shape the edges of the nails.
2) Apply the base coat on to your nails and wait until it is dry.
3) After it is fully dry, get your darker nail polish and make a straight line on the edge of each nail. At first, it might be harder to draw the straight line, but with practice you'll do better.
4) Make sure it is fully dry.
5) Apply clear nail polish with silver dust on the nails.
6) If necessary, apply a top coat nail polish. ( I didn't apply a top coat on my nails for this design)

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