Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shalani Tharaka inspired look (Celebrity inspired looks 3)

I love this green eye makeup look shalani is wearing. It's a stunning look which gives a thin look to the eyes.

Things you need to create this look
1) MAC C.R.E.A.M eyeshadow palette (green & black)
2)MAC prismique lustre gold eye shadow

3) MAC prismique lustre dark brown eye shadow4) Jordana quickliner
5) Black eye liner pencil

6) Maskara

How to get this look

1) Get a clean eye shadow brush and apply the MAC dark brown on the crease of your eyes as shown in the picture below. (It will give a fine look to your crease after you apply green color ontop of the brown you just applied.)

2) Apply MAC green color eye shadow on your eye lid. Make sure you cover your crease with green eye shadow as well.

3)Apply MAC black eyeshadow in a V shape to the corner of your eye. Brush it in to the eye lid.

4) Apply MAC gold color eye shadow as the highlight color.

5) Apply JORDANA quick liner under your eye and on the lash line. Follow the piture below to understand the exact way of drawing the eye line.

6) Apply maskara

7) Final look.

Good luck !

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