Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding centerpiece (1)

This is a photo we took at my engagement ceremony. I designed this centerpiece myself and my florist did a great job creating
this. I used real flowers for this decoration.
It's every girl’s dream to make their engagement or wedding magical, but sometimes we cannot really afford to get everything we want. However, if you try to create the things you want by yourself at home, you will save lot of money.

Here I am planning to tell you how to recreate this beautiful centerpiece with less amount of money.

The things you need to do this creation

1) A long clear glass vase of your choice
2) A sponge
3) Water
4) Food coloring or water colors
5) Orchids with a long stem or round shape Christmas tree ornaments
6) Orchids with a long stem
7) Your choice of flowers

First you have to decide how many guests will be coming to your reception. Then get to know how many people can use one table. From that you can decide how many vases you need for your reception. If you can spend much, it’s good to have real flowers, but it’s not always the case. You can replace real flowers by plastic flowers. It is an excellent way to save money. Having said that, you need to decide your theme color and the kind of flower you want in your reception before buying the plastic flowers.

This is how you can create this vase at home

1) Take the vase and measure its top part
2) Get your sponge and cut it as you measured
3) Arrange the flower in the way you want, but the flowers should not pass the lower surface of the sponge.
4) Take the glass vase and keep it on a safe place.
5) Pour water and don’t forget to leave some space in the vase
6) Add you coloring in to the water. If you are making more than one vase, you must measure the amount of coloring you pour in to first vase and repeat pouring same amount to the rest.
7) Add your stem in to the water. If you choose Christmas ornaments, add it to the vase as desired.
8) Take you flower decoration you created on the sponge and attach it to the vase. Do not let the sponge touches water.
9) Keep it in a safe place until you use it.

Good luck !

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