Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wathsala Diyalagoda’s bridal Inspired Look (Celebrity inspired look 1)

I am doing Wathsala’s bridal inspired look because in my opinion it is a wonderful look for a Sri Lankan bride or any other bride out their who wears either silver or white color on their wedding day. I am only doing her eye makeup. If you like to learn it, please read the rest of the tutorial.

Things you need for this look

1) MAC C.R.E.A.M eye shadow palette (pink, blue & white)


3) Black liquid eyeliner
4) Black mascara
5) Black pencil eyeliner
6) Clean eye shadow brush

This is how you do it.

1) Apply the darker pink color all over your eye lid. Here I used MAC prismique lustre, but you can use any other brand you have. After you applied it, make sure it's even on the eye lid.

2) Take your lighter pink color and start applying it starting from the second half from your eye lid as shown in the picture. I know some of my eye shadow fell off from the lid. If it happens to you too, cover it with your foundation.

3) Apply MAC white color as a high light color under your eye brows. You must make sure it is even and there is no harsh lines.

4) Apply black color to the corner of your eye lid in a V shape. Do not apply too much black as this look is for a bride.

5) Wathsala has applied a light blue color under her eyes. Take a light blue color and apply it under the eye. Make it a thin line.

7) Apply eye liner pencil under your eye.

8) Apply liquid eye liner on top of lashline.

9) Apply black maskara.

10) Final look.

Good luck !

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