Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nathasha Perera inspired look (Celebrity inspired look 2)

This is a look everybody talked about for last few months, so I decided to recreate this look. I must say that I don't have the exact color she used on her eye lids. Bear with me.

Things you need for this look

1) MAC C.R.E.A.M eyeshadow palette ( golden orange color & Black)

2) Darker orange color eye shadow

3) Jordana Quickliner .

4) Maskara

5) Clean eye shadow brush

How to create this look

1) Apply light orange color eyeshadow on to the beginning to middle of the eyelid. It's fine to be uneven as you'll apply another color on top of it. Apply little bit of eye shadow on to the bottom corner of your eye.

2) Apply dark orange color eye shadow starting from the middle of the eyelid. Make sure it is even on the eyelid.

3) Apply black color on to the corner of the eyelid in a V shape. Take your eye shadow brush and brush the already applied black eye shadow towards middle of the eyelid.

4) Apply eye liner as shown in the picture. It was really easy to draw the upper line with Jordana Quickliner.

If you uwnat to know more about it, visithttp://www.jordanacosmetics.com/

5) Apply black maskara to finish this look.

6) Final look.

Good luck !

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