Thursday, November 26, 2009

Magenta Indian bridal look

Hi girls !
Today I am going to do an indian bridal look. Indian brides use amazingly vibrant color bridal dresses, sarees and lehengas for their weddings, so they usually use very dramatic makeup looks on their wedding day.

I am dedicating this look for Sri Lankan girls who loves to wear Indian clothing for their engagements or going away functions.

The things you need to create this look

1) Coastal Scent 120 eyeshadow palette. ( You can buy this either on ebay or from *** I hope you can read the numbers I drew using paint.

2) E.l.F Shimmering facial whip ( I bought this for 1$ from

3) Black eyeliner pencil

4) Black liquid eyeliner

5) Black maskara

How to create this look

1) Apply E.L.F Shimmering facial whip all over your eyelid. As this is a bridal makeup, we need the eye make up to last for a long time during the day.

2) Apply # 1 from the coastal scent 120 eyeshadow palette all over your eyelid.

3) Apply # 2 eyeshadow on your crease starting from the inner corner of your eyelid to the end of the eyelid. Create a V shape on the corner of your eyelid as shown in the picture below.

4) Apply # 3 color on the crease starting from the middle of the crease to the end of the eyelid. Blend it well with #3 color.

5) Create a V shape one the outer corner of the eyelid as seen in the piture below and blend it well.

6) Apply #5 color as a high light color. You can do this step before doing step 5.

7) Apply # 5 color eyeshadow on inner corners of the eyes and apply # 2 color eyeshadow under the eye.

8) Apply black eyeliner pencil on the lash line and on the waterline. Make sure it is a thin line.

9) Apply black liquid eyeliner on the lash line on top of black pencil line.

10) Apply black maskara to finish the look.

Hope you liked it !

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