Monday, November 2, 2009

Blue Look for Sri Lankan peacock dance

Sri Lankan dancers use dramatic makeup for Sri Lankan dances. This is my creation for Sri Lankan peacock dance. I used MAC eyeshadow to create this look. When you creat this look, make sure you get the correct blue which matches your costume.

Things you need to create this look

1) Black eyeshadow

2)3 different color blue eyeshadow (light, medium, dark)

3)Gray eyeshadow

4) Black eyebrow pencil to fix the eyebrow shape

5) Black eyeliner pencil

6) Black liquid eyeliner

7) Maskara

How to create this look

1) Apply black eyeshadow over your eyelid.

2) Apply dark blue eyeshadow on black eyeshadow.

3) Create the shape with medium blue eyeshadow as shown in the picture.

4) Apply gray or silver eyeshadow to the first part of under eyebrow and apply light blue to the second part of under eyebrow.

5) Apply light blue on already applied gray or silver eye shadow. Blend it well with already applied light blue eyeshadow.

6) Using the black eyeliner for this look is quite harder. I did it in 5 steps. Just follow the following pictures.

7) Apply black maskara to finish the look. Don't forget to fix your eyebrows.

See you soon.

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