Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black & Gold look

Today I am going to do a black & gold look. This is a look you can wear with a black outfit. It is good for a night function.

The things you need to create this look

I used mac products, but you can use any other brand as far as it gives the color you need.

1) Black eyeshadow

2) Black shimmery eye shadow

3) Gold pigment

4) gold eye shadows ( dark gold and light gold)

5) White eye shadow for highlighter. Coastal Scent neutral eye shadow palette is really good for this.

6) Eye shadow brushes

7) Black eyeliner pencil and black liquid eye liner

8) Black maskara

How to create this look

1) Apply black eye shadow over your eyelid as a base color.

2) Apply white eye shadow as a highlight color under your eyebrow.

3) Apply gold pigment over your black eyeshadow base.

4) Apply light gold color on the crease line and blend it well with the gold pigment and the highlight color.

5) Apply black shimmery eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye lid. It covers half of ur eyelid.
6) Apply gold and black eye shadow under your eyes as seen in the picture.

7) Apply black eyeliner pencil under your eyes and on the lash line.

8) Apply black maskara to finish the look.

See you soon...

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