Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shimmery Maroon look

This look is really easy to create. This look is good for a night function.

The things you need to create this look

1) E.l.f shimmering facial whip
2) Prismique lustre 14
3) Coastal Scents neutral palatte
4) Black eye liner pencil
5) Black mascara

How to create this look

1) Apply e.l.f shimmering facial whip over your eyelid. Make sure you apply it evenly.
2) Apply prismique lustre 14 over your eyelid.
3) Apply the top color in the right hand corner of coastal scent neutral eye shadow palette on the crease and create a V shape in the outer corner. Blend it well with the prismique lustre 14.
4) Apply highlight color between your eyebrow and the crease.
5) Apply black eyeliner pencil under your eye.
6) To finish the look apply mascara.

See you soon...

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