Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dark Purple & Pink Look

Today I am going to create this dark purple and pink look. This is also good for a night function. If you want to create this look, I suggest that you apply your foundation after doing the eyemakeup. It is a dark color, therefore it spreads every where.

The things you need to create this look

1) MAC dark purple eyeshadow
2)MAC dark purple pigment
3) MAC pink eye shadow
4) Coastal Scent neutral palette (white). You can replace that by MAC vanilla
5)MAC black eyeshadow
6)Black eyeliner pencil
7)Black maskara

How to create this look

1) Apply dark purple eyeshadow over your eyelid and the crease.

2) Apply purple pigment on top of purple eyeshadow on the eyelid.

3) Apply pink eye shadow on the crease and make a V shape in the outer corner of the eye.

4) Apply black eyeshadow on the crese and make a V shape in the outer corner. Blend it well with the pink.
5) Apply highlight color under your eyebrow.

6) Apply dark purple eyeshadow under your eye.

7) Create a black line on the lashline using black eyeliner and make a line under your eye as well.

8) Apply maskara to finish the look.

***Remove the purple color on the face by using a makeup remover before applying foundation.

See you soon !

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